Mountain Green Sewer Improvement
"Improving Property Values Since 1990"
Rates, Fees & Payments


The sewer service fees for 2018 are $42.00 per ERU* per month billed in arrears.



*Per ERU (*Equivilant Residential Unit)

The District bills in arrears, meaning that we send the monthly bills out the first week of the month following the month of service that has been provided. 

                       Example: Your bill for the month of January will be sent out the

                                          first week of February with a due date of February 21

At the Public Hearing on December 4, 2014, monthly sewer rate increases were approved through the year 2019.  Due to both the inflation of our operating costs and the need to save for the existing resident's portion of a new membrane bio reactor sewer facility.  The cost adjusted rate from the beginning of service in 1990 would have put the current sewer rate around $47.00 per month, but the Board determined that this would be too much of a sudden increase, so it was decided to adjust the 2015 rate to $36.00 per ERU per month and then add $2.00 per year through 2019.  The fees will automatically adjust on the first day of January each year - which will show up on the February billing. Above is a guide of residendial monthly service fees through the year 2019.


The District is set up to accept checks, exact cash (we do not hold petty cash for change in the office) and credit cards (please see credit card note below).  You may mail your bills or drop them by our office at any time.  The office hours are Monday through Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and we have a convenient payment mailbox just outside our gates that you can drop your payment into after hours. 

Please note that Impact Fees may not be paid by Credit Card.


Please note that a $3.00 Convenience Fee will be added to each credit card transactionThe District accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express either in person or over the phone - during the normal business hours of Monday-Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  We cannot keep your credit card number on file nor bill your card automatically.  Please note that Impact Fees may not be paid by Credit Card.


The District has made the decision not to use a system that requires you to give us your bank account numbers and access to withdraw money from your account,  We feel that there are too many security and privacy issues for you with that type of service, as well as extensive costs to the District.  However, you can set up automatic payments through the ONLINE BILL PAY service at your bank and keep full control of every payment that is sent out ~ without giving someone else access to your bank account. 

         Your bank will send a check to us on your behalf on the date you set.

1) Sign on to your financial institution's website and go to the BILL PAY page.

2) Set up a NEW PAYEE for the Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District

3) Input our mailing address:5455 West Old Highway Road; Mountain Green, UT 84050

4) Input our account number ~ the last name on your account along with the basic street

    address (leave off the North/South/East/West designator and just use the street name).

                     EXAMPLE ACCOUNT NUMBER: Smith 2345 Roper

5) Input the payment amount: Currently $40 per month due in our office by the 21st

     (Note that we bill in arrears-after the month of service has been provided.  Please

      make sure and watch for our statement and/or letter each January to see if there is a

      price increase so you can login to your Bank's Bill Pay and make the adjustment).

6) Input the Automatic Payment Date: 15th of every month

     (We recommend using the 15th as the payment is due by the 21st on every month).


Commercial customers (manufacturers, businesses, restaurants, stores, etc.) will be evaluated for use on an individual basis and given an ERU rating according to the amount of culinary water that is billed to the entity location.  A standard ERU for MGSID is 310 gallons per day or 9,300 gallons per month.  A business that uses approximately 23,250 gallons of water per month would be billed for 2.5 ERU's times the monthly rate per residential ERU listed above.  Commercial accounts can be rerated at any time and water usage reviews can be requested by MGSID at any time.  Commercial customers may also be subject to pre-treatment requirements, as well.  Please call our office with any questions.



(An inspection is one trip to the job site)

Builders, Contractors and Excavators please note that you will be required to pay this fee prior to submitting your plans to Morgan County for approval.  The inspection fee is for ONE INSPECTION and you will are required to call 24 hours in advance to schedule the inspection and to be ready when the inspector arrives.  Call at least 30 minutes in advance to change or cancel your scheduled inspection.  If you miss and/or fail an inspection, you will be required to pay for and then schedule another appointement for each separate inspection.  Sewer lateral installations that are completed without an approved inspection by MGSID will be subject to stop work orders and/or fines.


Current Impact Fee is $5,271.00 per ERU - Check or Cash Only. Impact Fees cannot be paid by Credit Card.

Impact Fees must be paid to MGSID before any lot in Mountain Green within 300 feet of a sewer main is developed. Anyone developing a lot in Mountain Green will need to come by our office during normal business hours and pay both the impact fee and lateral installation inspection fee prior to taking your plans to Morgan County Planning.  Once paid, MGSID will issue you a letter stating that you have paid your impact fees with the sewer department which will allow your plans to be reviewed by the county. 

Impact fees paid on each new lot to be developed in Mountain Green and will be used to finance the new wastewater processing facility that will be necessary to handle the increased capacity each new residence demands. 

On February 6, 2014 the Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District held a public hearing and approved the new Impact Fee Facility Plan, Impact Fee Analysis and Impact Fee of $5,271.00 per ERU. Individuals and/or entities wishing to develop a lot in the following developments / areas are required to come into our office and pay the $5,271.00 per ERU impact fee. 

$5,271.00 per ERU

  • Commercial Park
  • Cottonwoods Phase I
  • Coventry Cove
  • Fox Hollow
  • Highlands
  • Highlands West
  • Meadow Ridge
  • Monte Verde
  • Mountain Brook Estates
  • Northcreek
  • Old Highway
  • Pointeview
  • Poll Area
  • Rosehill
  • Silverstone
  • Trapper’s Pointe
  • Woodland Heights
  • All other areas/developments in MG not listed below

Between 2005 and 2008 the Impact Fee was at $3,456.00 and several developers paid Advance Funding with a reimbursement agreement which locked in the $3,456.00 rate for all of the lots in those developments. Individuals and/or entities wishing to develop a lot in the following developments / areas are required to come into our office and pay the $3,456.00 per ERU impact fee as those Impact Fees are reimbursed directly back to the developer.

$3,456.00 per ERU 

  • Cottonwoods Phase II
  • Cottonwoods Phase III
  • Whisper Ridge Phase I
  • Rollins Ranch Phase I
  • Rollins Ranch Phase II
  • Rollins Ranch Phase III

*Individual purchasers of lots in the following developments will not have to pay a separate impact fee to MGSID as the developer paid or will pay the impact fees with no reimbursement agreement when the development is platted.

  • Cottonwoods Phase 4*
  • Rollins Ranch Phase 4A*
  • Rollins Ranch Phase 4B*
  • Rollins Ranch Phase 6*


There are a few residents who, in the early stages of the District (1990's), pre-purchased Impact Fees that that may be redeemed for the development of any lot within Mountain Green except those listed above with Advanced Funding.


5455 W. Old Highway Road • Morgan, Utah 84050 • Phone: 876-3416 • Fax: 876-3358