The five-member Board of Trustees sets policy for the District and the Board is described on the Board of Trustees page on this website (see the link to the left of this discription).

The Manager, the Secretary and our two Operators run the plant on a regular basis with the addition of seasonal additions each summer. All positions are part time except for the Manager.


The Manager is responsible for the entire day to day function of the Sewer District, from administration to operation, based on the policies set by the Board and he reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

Daily, weekly and monthly management tasks include 1) Hiring, scheduling, training and supervising all personnel; 2) Coordinating and preparing the agendas and minutes for, and then attending all Board Meetings; 2) Responding to customer service issues regarding sewer problems and ensuring that they are resolved; 3) Monitoring professional crews for regular maintenance and emergencies of the entire sewer system; 4) Overseeing bidding, contracting and supervision of annual cleaning and videoing operations of the collection lines; 5) Interfacing with the District Attorney, District Engineer, county and state officials in the design and construction of facilities and new developments; 6) Monitoring all new construction and installation operations;7) Monitoring daily operations at the treatment plant and at the office and being on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency response; 8) Maintaining and tracking all data for District finances and plant operations. 9) Preparing and disseminating all state and federal reports. 10) Preparing and managing all annual budgets and then coordinating the annual financial audits 11) Rate reviews, analysis and recommendations.12) Negotiating and reviewing all contracts, agreements and plans with contractors, developers and county planners for review by the Board of Directors; 13) Inspecting the new residential and new development sewer line and manhole installations, as well as the entire collection system once a year; 14) Creation and maintenance of GIS mapping for the entire system which is coordinated with an asset management program. 15) Assisting the Secretary in collecting payments and making deposits, plus the enlightening tasks of sweeping floors, washing windows, scrubbing the office toilet, changing light bulbs, mowing the lawn, plowing and shoveling snow, pulling weeds, and emptying trash.... :)


Our Secretary carefully tracks District financial matters using the QuickBooks 'PRO' computer program. Among her many duties she: 1) prepares and mails the monthly statements and tracks and records payments by our customers; 2) maintains employee records and issues checks for wages, taxes, utilities, supplies and contract work; 3) participates in, takes notes and prepares minutes of Board meetings; 4) prepares and files monthly, quarterly and yearly District, state and federal reports; 5) coordinates with county officials to track changes of residence in the District and coordinates with state officials to ensure that the operators keep up the training required; 6) organizes the financial records required to prepare the budget and tracks expenditures to ensure that they are within budget; And of course she receives customer calls and ensures that their concerns or complaints are handled fairly and quickly. The Manager assists and/or fills in for our Secretary when she is not available.


The District has two regular part-time Operators, Nate Hadley and Ed Branham that report to and work with the manager. The Operators have daily, weekly and monthly tasks of monitoring grinder, pump and blower operations. They record numerous observations, meter and instrumentation readings and they measure the pH and dissolved oxygen in the wastewater and measure residual chlorine in the treated water, and are sometimes required to respond to off hour emergencies with the manager. The Operators and the Manager share the duty for care of building and grounds maintenance, including snow clearing, mowing, weed and rodent control, as well as cleaning clarifiers on the lagoon during the hot summer months. During the spring and summer the District hires two additional operations assistants that help with the manhole inspections, landscaping, weed and rodent control.