Mountain Green Sewer Improvement
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See Operator's description below: Approximately one hour per day, two to three days per week for sampling and readings.  Must be available on weekends and holidays.  $17 per hour. Contact our office for details.



Please feel free to contact us at (801)-876-3416 to let us know you are interested in working with the District and we will keep you apprised of any openings. Ideally, the office and operations personnel will reside in the community and will seek part-time employment with the District as a way to contribute to the welfare of the community as much as to obtain additional income.

Secretary (Part time)
The secretary position averages about 20 hours per week, from 1 – 5 pm weekdays. Principal tasks of the position include:

  • Maintaining financial records using the QuickBooks Pro accounting system
  • Tracking District banking accounts and writing all District checks
  • Preparing and mailing monthly service billings
  • Tracking all District income and expenditures
  • Tracking District accounts and making payments accurately and timely
  • Tracking, filing and retrieving District records
  • Resolving questions and billing issues with customers
  • Coordinating with County officials to track District move-ins and move-outs
  • Preparation for and participating in and taking minutes of Board meetings
  • Preparing official Board meeting minutes
  • Assist in preparing quarterly state and federal tax payments
  • Assist in preparing the yearly budget
  • Assist in preparing for the yearly audit

Operators (Part time)
The operators are trained and licensed by the Utah State Division of Water Quality as small lagoon operators.Daily plant operations are handled by one operator; weekly and monthly operations require two operators. When not doing the daily work, operators will be involved in facility maintenance and improvements or in manhole and sewer line inspections. Following are some of the principal tasks of the operators:

  • Inspecting lateral installation in new construction to ensure that the pipe is properly installed
  • Inspecting inflow, treatment and outflow subsystems to ensure their proper function
  • Collecting wastewater samples and measuring their degree of acidity/alkalinity (pH), dissolved oxygen (DO) content, and residual chlorine in the outflow water
  • Calibrating pH, DO and residual chlorine instruments
  • Reading and recording values registered by various meters and gages
  • Entering meter, gage and measurement data in the computer system
  • Conducting scheduled maintenance operations such as pump cleaning and oiling, blower oil changes and motor lubrication
  • Participating in manhole and sewer line inspection and maintenance operations
  • Noting and reporting unusual incidents and potential problems to the administrator
  • Troubleshooting and resolving mechanical, electrical and electronic problems with plant equipment
  • Participating in the monthly system / safety meetings with the administrator
  • Taking training sessions provided by the Division of Water Quality and by the Rural Water Association
  • Participating in upkeep of the facilities and grounds
  • Recommending, planning and participating in construction operations

Office Assistant
The office assistant averages ten hours per week supporting the secretary in the duties noted and filling in when the secretary has time off.

Summer (June-September) Operations Assistant (Interviews each April & May)
The office assistant averages ten hours per week supporting the secretary in the duties noted and filling in when the secretary has time off.

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