Rates, Fees & Payments


Current $50.00*
*Per ERU (*Equivilant Residential Unit)

The District bills in arrears, meaning that we send the monthly bills out the first week of the month following the month of service that has been provided.
Example: Your bill for the month of January will be sent out the first week of February with a due date of February 21

Fee Table Summary Units
Monthly service fee per ERU EA $50.00
Service Lateral inspection EA $100.00
Service Lateral re-inspection EA $50.00
Impact Fees:  
See ordinance for details: EA $5,685.20
Will Service Application As reviewed  
For up to 10 ERU’s EA $150.00
$10 for each additional ERU EA
Plus First Year Standby Fee Below Below
Standby fee for each ERU each year EA/YR $100.00
5 year maxium back charge:
Development improvements inspection  
5% as reviewed by construction cost: As reviewed 5% or estimate or roughly
Manhole ~$2,000 EA $100.00
8” main ~$20/LF LF $1.00
Individual Laterals ~$1,000 EA $50.00